Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be defined as the improvement made in search engines for a website. As a result of the studies, it is aimed that the websites gain more visibility in search engines.

What is?

Websites with better rankings in search engines such as Google and Yandex increase organic traffic by reaching more users. SEO service, which is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization in English, is the process of making continuous improvements so that your website will rank better on the search engine results page. With this service, the performance of your website can increase and you can reach more visitors.

Search engine optimization includes strategies and techniques used to increase website traffic. SEO studies aim to provide a platform where potential visitors can reach faster and easier by making your website compatible with search engines in every aspect. Thus, it also helps websites to be easier to use and more understandable, and to offer what visitors are looking for.

Why Should It Be Done?

With professional SEO service, you can reach the customers and website traffic of your dreams. SEO is a must-have for anyone selling a product or service. With the right SEO work, you can deliver the service and product you sell to your potential customers faster and easier. The idea that only companies that carry out marketing activities will have SEO done is also quite wrong. You can get professional SEO consultancy service to increase your company's recognition and brand awareness, and you can permanently increase your site's traffic.

SEO service is carried out by focusing on the targeted keywords and with the help of professional tools. After the analysis report, which is prepared by considering many factors, it is determined what changes, developments and arrangements have been made by using on-site and off-site resources.

Project Process
Search & Analyze

SEO analysis and research studies are important for you to see the harmony between your website and the search engine. First of all, the visibility and ranking on the search engine should be investigated on which page.

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Technical SEO

A series of projects aimed at helping search engines find, read, and help search engines can be used as technical SEO. The technical SEO system works with the materials in the web background.

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On-Page SEO, also known as On-Page SEO, is a concept that comes across everyone who is interested in SEO. All of the work done for a website to gain better rankings in search engine results is called On Page SEO.

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Off Page SEO, that is, off-page SEO; It can be defined as improving the ranking in search engines by utilizing external resources such as social media, backlinks, PPC, local SEO.

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Enes Gültekin SEO
What Should We Consider When Choosing an SEO Agency?

There are a few points to consider when choosing an agency for professional SEO service. By paying attention to these points, you can get higher efficiency from the SEO agency and service you choose.

Enes Gültekin


The first point to consider when choosing an SEO agency is the agency's past experience and experience. You can have foresight by learning how successful it was in its past work, what kind of results he had, and which companies he worked with. In addition, the SEO team will ask you for some data to carry out their work. It is also very important that you learn which data will be requested and how often.


Another question to ask when choosing an SEO agency to understand its credibility is when results will start to appear. SEO experts and agencies cannot give clear information about this issue. At any time, search engines can change their algorithm and SEO agencies cannot intervene in this regard. You should stay away from agencies that say that you will gain rankings in search engines in a few days and your website traffic will increase immediately. SEO studies are long-term investments and take a certain amount of time to get results.

Strong Partners or Wide Range of Services

There are agencies that only provide SEO services, as well as agencies that provide services in other branches of digital marketing. SEO agencies can get support from different companies for some jobs. If there is such a situation, you need to find out which works will be done by a different company and which company is it. You can choose agencies that offer SEO and other digital marketing services. Thus, you can ensure that all digital marketing services are carried out under one roof. Execution of digital marketing services under different roofs may lead to delayed results by disrupting the integrity of the process.

Success Stories and References
Elitech Seo
With Elitech, we achieved a huge organic traffic increase in a short time. Our customer, who reached his target audience with the leads coming from the site, received returns much higher than his targets in a short time.
  • 250% Organic Traffic Increase
  • 3500 Number of Visitors
  • 720 Number of Conversions
Makro Seo
Makro Prefabrik
we achieved growth for Makro in the number of words, which were in the first place in a period of 3 months. We also had better results in search visibility over a 3 month period.
  • 90 Word Study
  • 75 Words First Order
  • 150% Traffic Increase
Karmod SEO
As a result of our on-page and off-page studies, we have achieved remarkable accelerations in a short time. We hit the target of site optimization and better ranking.
  • 120 Word Study
  • 105 First Line in Words
  • 350% Traffic Increase 
Makro Prefabrik
Mobile Application
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Mobile Application
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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of search engine optimization is to rank websites higher in search engines based on keywords. An SEO compatible website stands out from other websites and gains more visibility in search engines. The traffic of the website that gains visibility in search engines also increases organically. SEO studies are often preferred by site owners because it provides organic traffic to the site and is a permanent solution.

Particularly, the concept of organic traffic, which has emerged due to the spread of websites and e-commerce, can be defined as natural visitors to websites without any advertising or spending in search engines. The high organic traffic of a website indicates that it rank well in search engines. You can increase the organic traffic of your website through SEO studies.

Analysis, planning and strategy phases form the basis of SEO studies. With these stages, a preliminary study is prepared for the brand and an average process is presented to the customer. Depending on the work done, the SEO process varies between 3 and 6 months. It may take a while to see the full results of SEO work, but the results of every move made can be observed within a few weeks.

With local SEO studies, you can reach your closest potential customers and increase the search volume of your website in the country. You can also present your brand or company to new markets with international SEO studies. We can offer SEO services to countries in many parts of the world, especially in Turkey.

There are many factors that determine the cost of SEO work. SEO prices vary depending on many factors such as targeted keywords, industry, goals, history of the website. Due to these factors, it is not correct to give a clear price information. Contact us for special SEO work prices for you and your website. Do not decide without consulting us for affordable SEO services.