Pikap Culture

There is a value that we’ve been trying to create from the beginning: “Pikap People”. We came up with this discourse not to crush someone down, but creating a wonderful point that those people will remember in their individual journeys and always want to return to.

We are aware that we need to be determined in our discourse and have principles to achieve our mission. That’s why we consider our culture still in construction and we wish every new team member to be committed to our existing values and be willing to add new ones.

  • We embrace the team, we bond with each other, we talk about it proudly.
  • We act in a way that makes others proud.
  • We deal with producing twice and with presenting thrice.
  • We share every advantage we gain and every experience we get.
  • We are brave: we take risks and we try.
  • We are socially responsible individuals.
  • We question instead of complain, and we come up with solutions to improve the situation. 
What did our team members said about these values?
İsmail Kaçmaz
İsmail Kaçmaz / Founder
“We are building a collective structure that our teammates feel safe, question the status quo, and even let them bring new perspectives on the company’s managerial decisions. We expect every newcomer to contribute to our mission.”
Elif Kaçmaz
Elif Kaçmaz / Social Media
“Sometimes you need to make mistakes to gain new experiences, and you cannot do it without your teammates tolerating you. If you’re a real team, sometimes you fail and then keep on. You wouldn’t blame the failure on your teammate.”
Halil Yaşar
Halil Yaşar / UI/UX Design
“We create demands to produce. This could be sometimes a seminar ticket, sometimes an icon library. We work with people that want more, that’s why it is not difficult to prove the necessity of the needs.”