What is Bootstrap?
What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a UI framework that is used when creating web interfaces, contains many ui components and javascript plugins from grid structure to modal, button to popover, and makes coding more enjoyable and functional with SASS. Thanks to the variables and mixins it contains, it offers its users provides quick development and a flexible structure.

How to Use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is used in its simplest form by adding css and js files to our html file. But via npm, gulp, webpack etc development tools, we can integrate it into our project much faster and more flexibly.(Of course, in order to run these tools, necessary setup and configurations must be made first.)


  • The most preferred framework
  • Developed Documentation
  • Easy to Learn
  • Ready to use html structres


  • Tailwind CSS
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Materialize CSS
  • Bulma
  • Semantic UI