Web Design

It is a concept that covers all website services and also includes more than one component. A web design firm plays an active role in all processes from design to software also content and publishing of the website.

What is?

Web design service is a service that requires expertise and experience. First of all, the purpose of publishing the website should be analyzed and the appropriate web design should be created. Knowing technical information about web design and using technical tools are not sufficient skills for web design. Web design service has preliminary stages such as analyzing the competitors in the sector, creating SEO compatible content strategies suitable for the website and choosing which web application to use. All these stages also require expertise.

The most important point in website design; is to design a fast-opening website that everyone can easily understand and surf. An up-to-date and professionally designed website allows your brand or company to be more memorable and create a positive image in the eyes of users. Pikap, which is among the best web design agencies, aims to design a website that reflects your brand in the most accurate way and offers the highest quality service to your users. With the web design service, you can have a website that has a professional and corporate look and gives priority to the user experience.

Corporate Web Design

Your website is the representative of your institution in the digital world. The fact that the corporate website design is interesting and up-to-date causes users to visit the website more and increases site traffic. For these reasons, we recommend that you work with a good web design agency. Corporate website design should be handled professionally, down to the smallest detail, as it interacts directly with the audience that a business or institution serves.

The most important points in corporate web design; usability and simplicity. While designing a corporate website, many details such as effective use of white and gray areas and being impressive are designed in the best way and it is aimed to capture a professional and corporate image of the company with the website. You can understand how professional an institution is by looking at its website. The visitors of the companies that do not show the necessary importance to the website design are decreasing day by day and they start to have negative feelings towards the brand. Your website is the showcase of your company. In order to best reflect your company in digital, you need to work with a professional agency.

Project Process
Search & Analyze

Web design is not all about fonts and colors. From various applications and tools, information about the appropriate form and function of the website is obtained.

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UI & UX Design

Although UI and UX are different concepts, they are interrelated and complement each other. While UX focuses on the operation, speed and customer experience of the features on your website, UI determines the line of website design.

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Software Development

a website; It should contain web software applications that have functions suitable for the brand's strategies, market requirements and target audience, and that will accelerate the feedback of the users.

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Test & Publish

The places where the software of your website passes are first published in the test environment. During the testing process, necessary content entries, updates and new design developments, if any, have been made ready for publication.

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Halil Yaşar UI/UX Design
What Should We Consider When Choosing a Web Design Agency?

There are some points to consider to work with the best web design agency. By working with a professional web design agency, you can be increased your traffic and boosted ranking.

Halil Yaşar

Expert team

Web design is a service that requires expertise and contains many details. With the introduction of digital environments into our daily lives and the increase in websites, the need for web design agencies has also started to increase. The first point to consider when passing a web design agency is institutionalism. Corporate web design agencies can support you before and after work. If you prefer non-professional agencies, you may not find a contact person after the design.

Design Quality

The most important signature of web design agencies is their references. A professional web design agency publishes its work on its website along with the services it provides. You can see if it fits your principles by taking a look at his previous work. Another issue is creativity. Original and creative designs attract more attention of users. You should choose agencies that can design creative designs suitable for the service you offer.

Technical data

Newly established websites have a dynamic structure. In order for your site to keep up with changing systems, innovations must be added easily. Here, the software knowledge of the web design agency comes into play. You can keep your site dynamic by working with web design agencies that have programming and software knowledge. In addition, many of the projects result in dissatisfaction due to the lack of technical support. That's why you should work with an agency that can provide you with technical support from the beginning to the end of the web design process.

Although the design of a website is good, it cannot be accommodated on digital platforms when its infrastructure is weak. You can get rid of this problem with a good service provider. Websites with a data center with a high technical infrastructure reach users faster. Considering these criteria, you can choose a web design agency.

Success Stories and References
Elitech Web
We carry out the design, development and marketing processes of all online and offline resources in the light of the data from the brand's market research.

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Artello Web
According to market and user research data, we have prepared a website that offers collections in different categories, where interface design elements do not precede furniture.

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Karmod Web
We have designed a style guide for a wide range of products. Thus, we created micro sites that do not break the design line and target different audiences.

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Search Engine Optimization
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Search Engine Optimization
Frequently Asked Questions

Useful as a good website, can be defined pleasing users and eye-catching sales. The user who visits your website without enter the site, he should understand what is sold and what kind of services are offered. It can be in a design where they can visit the website and find what they are looking for. Users who are satisfied with the website tend to visit it regularly.

With the responsive design, your website is made compatible with all devices. Today, the importance of responsive design is increasing, especially with the increase in the use of smart phones. Users viewing your website will see your website adjusted for device size. If the user cannot view your website comfortably, they will leave the site and this will cause a decrease in site traffic. With responsive design, your website will be displayed properly on mobile devices.

Website update process can be defined as changing, renewing or improving any content, image or design element on the website. On dynamic websites, you can update yourself and change your content, images and design as you wish.

Special web designs designed by professional web design agencies greatly contribute to the corporate identity of the brand or company. The preparation time and preparation time of the custom web design is longer. Also, custom web design requires more budget. If there is no problem in terms of time and money, you can take advantage of custom web design. Ready-made web designs are also a solution for companies that do not have enough time and financial resources.

There are many factors that affect the delivery time of the website. Depending on the structure of the website, it may take an average of 1 month to complete a corporate website. In addition, factors such as special web design, the density of the content on the website, and the demands of the customer also affect the completion process of the website. It would be wrong to give a clear date because the content of the website is unique to itself.